So apparently we’re still a little bruised…


Not broken Baby.

I can still write so I’ll do a quick update and keep Ya’ll in the loop on photos being posted. I know, it’s not a huge crisis.

**update!!** Sean fixed me. I love him. He is so cute. Let me know if you still can’t see anything thankyouverymuch!!


Today my achilles hurt like a SONOFAGUN.

I know you thought I was going to say something else but really, if you don’t know me by now, pssh.


So it actually didn’t hurt that bad but it hurt enough to get my attention and that means give it some love Baby.

I started the morning with a good alphabet stretch


A-Z with each foot in the air before I even get out of bed helps my achilles wake up and work out all the tight from sleeping.


Unfortunately I was SO tired.  I felt like all the days of normal were just a catch up of jet lag waiting to hit me. BAM.

I don’t usually have an issue with jet lag too much but man, this sucker hit hard if that’s what it was. It hit Miss Andrea, too, so we just hung out at the hotel all day and did this:

sleeping animated GIF~~



Only on the beach…

So it was wet, too.  And it was pretty.  Sigh. Wish we had pictures. Stupid camera phone.

Bright side…I did some “pool running” only it was “ocean running” and that was super happy.  So I didn’t get the treadmill done and I didn’t do the elliptical but I did get some exercise and that was the plan, Stan.


I managed to get myself glutened while here.

I know you’re shocked. I knew pretty quickly because my fingernails shredded like…overnight.  So not fun.  And I’ve been nauseated for freaking days.  I did try pretty diligently to not but frankly, life here is very different and while some people have heard about Celiac, most just look at me strange.  So I have to wing it.  I’ve eaten a lot of fruit (yum) and some salads (those are good too) but I’m really just hungry.

Tonight we went back to Hook Line and Sinker and the chef there tonight was so gracious he made me this amazing meal of Cajun grilled Mahi topped with salsa and rice with steamed veggies.  It was SO AMAZING.  I’m looking forward to my next meal there and I’m really not kidding. He also said I can always come in and he’ll “delete the gluten” for me. I love him just for his computer phraseology!  It was a fabulous night of hanging out at the bar, drinking my sprite, laughing with friends and chatting up the bartender who has family in Colorado. Shocking.  LOL


Tomorrow we do the historical walk around the island (it’s supposed to be a run but Miss Andrea is a little injured so we’re walkin’ it) and then we’re hiking.

I’m looking forward to that though I’ve had really really spotty internet since I’ve been here and I do like to keep in touch with my family. I know you’re supposed to unplug and just enjoy your vacation, but my family is spread around the world right now and I just like to check in with them.  I miss my husband like…I can’t tell you how much. And my kid is in Thailand and I worry about him SO much so I like to be in contact in case he wants to talk to me.  So tomorrow will be a bummer probably internet wise. But fun exercise wise!





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4 Replies to “So apparently we’re still a little bruised…”

  1. Update from montana (the state ) we are super jealous and I appreciate all the stories of things that arent paradise while in paradise. Im glad you are keeping us in the loop. Since there are no pictures of the iguana incident I am using my imagination. ( in my imagination he looks much more like a T-rex)

  2. Ugh. The killer iguana is hilarious. So wrong

    I’m hoping to get the picture thing figured out. This is painful

  3. Not sure why you are bruised but sounds like you are having fun (except for the gluten). Today I could see the pictures so it must be fixed. However, all you posted was Snoopy and Woodstock, hehe. I am sure there will be more coming up. Have a wonderful time, love you.

  4. I just meant the blog was bruised but not broken. You could still get to it.

    Sean fixed the past days so all the photosdshould be viewable. Because he’s awesome. And yep. We’re having a good time for sure!

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