There’s no place like home. Colorado Baby.

Andrea and I came home today.

St Thomas was an amazing experience.  I’ve never had one quite like it and I am so grateful we got to go.  But really, we are blessed to live in the most beautiful place on earth.

 Things I loved about St Thomas:

  • the food :  I love seafood.  LOVE it.  the fish, the scallops, the shrimp, all of it. I could die it was so good.
  • the beach:  oh man, to go to sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves. My favorite.  Really.  We would keep the door open really late and listen to the waves in the dark. So nice.


  • the accents:  SO many different accents due to the different islanders.  Crazy cool!
  • We met Fernando and Giovanni.  Total highlights of the trip.  Really.  They were awesome.
  • the people were SO nice.  Always willing to tell their story.  Where they came from, how long they had been on the island.
  • We were so on our own time schedule.  I could totally vacation with her anytime.  It was like vacationing with Sean. We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. No one was demanding a plan. No one was demanding food. Hell there were days we ate one meal.  We both probably lost weight on this vacation.
  • We spend most of our days just hanging out near the hotel…on the beach  doing whatever we wanted and relaxing.
  • The simplest things were the best.  The little walking tour?  Favorite.


  These are the 99 steps…only there are 103. 


  Flag flying on the Coast Guard Station~fun fact.  Apparently it’s hazard duty to be stationed on St Thomas in the Coast Guard.  Ha.

  • Even with the lack of knowledge about gluten free (it was actually pretty good.  Maybe 70/30?) I was really pretty able to get food after a few days.  It was rough the first few days. Then we got the hang of it.

Things I didn’t love about St Thomas:

  • the cost of everything was crazy.  Bottled water.
  • There wasn’t a Mike n Ike on the whole island. Wait…I take that back. I bought one tiny box one day. That was it.  I should have bought six if I knew they would be that hard to find. Skittles, too. No candy. Sad freaking day.
  • Everything was so hard to come by.  Even bottled water was at LEAST two dollars…usually three.
  • There was not a grocery store/gas station/Target/Starbucks on every corner.  Now…that might be good for some people but apparently I like my comforts.  I missed things like that.
  • The cab drivers were great but public transportation would be awesome.
  • Hello. A running trail? That would rock.  I would like that to be #1 please.
  • A treadmill that wasn’t trying to kill me…but that’s not St Thomas’s fault.
  • cheap yoga please.

So…that’s all. Way more positives than negatives. It was an amazing trip. And I can totally right off the top of my head think of five more things we loved about it.  It was awesome. I think we’d remember to keep the trip short.  It’s hard to be away from family that long when you’re the mom.

I missed my kids. And I miss Sean so…I needed to be back.

Tomorrow I run.


running on vacation... 537452_529479143761625_1439531137_n

Run on… get your adventure on.

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