Felt like the top of the world.

I am not a fourteener virgin anymore.

One down…52 to go?

Our day in pictures.

Okay, so this is our day… The captions are below the photos.

Colorado. It’s incredible.


The trail head was just above Summit Lake.


Really funky and incredible things growing and living along the trail.


The whole trail was a challenge. I mean it started at like 12,500 ft or something crazy like that. But this is where it REALLY started to go wrong. Wrong in a crazy fun way. We had to figure out how to climb this and it was sheer drop off on both sides.


These fabulous little rock piles guided us the entire way. The trail was all rocks, all the time.  When we got stuck, we looked for the piles of rocks and silently thanked the people that left them.


It was hard.  This was the trail.


Alex Michael would go ahead of me to find a good footing.  He was so awesome. 


We were hiking in the clouds. and that was a dropoff to nothing.  Not scary at all.


The BEST view ever.  Not the top…just an incredible view.


Resting at the top. Secretly cursing my ideas.  Okay, not so secretly.


The official top. 14,265 feet.  One of 53 “fourteeners” in Colorado.  I don’t think I’ll be one of the people that needs to join the club that climbs every one of them but I would like to climb a few. Maybe I’ll climb 13. 🙂


Alex got to fish at this incredible lake at the end of the day.  His reward for humoring me with the hike.

At the top of the mountain we found out we were not allowed nor advised to take the trail we had planned to take back down.
We definitely didn’t want to take the trail we took up, back down again. So we chose the road. We started walking.

Estimating about four miles it shouldn’t be too long but man it was cold. We turned down the first ride but after two miles we came to a pull out and I just popped over and asked the first guy I saw who had room in his car if they minded giving us a ride down.  He was super nice and said it would be no problem.

After dropping us off, the was so cool… he mentioned to me in passing he thought Alex and I were a couple. How cute is that? It wasn’t until he heard me say he was my son that he got it.  LOL. Poor Alex.

We had an amazing day. We worked super hard. We laughed our asses off. We earned a good rest.  We needed it. It’s been a super stressful few days with the MT saga and we both needed something that would take our minds off of it.

I love Colorado so much. I am a mountain girl at heart.

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  1. Oh Tess, I’m so very sorry for the situation in Thailand!!! And SO VERY thankful your son is home safe and sound!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t imagine the nightmare of it all. Your day in Colorado sounds like your blessing and reward for keeping the faith and getting your son home. Enjoy him 🙂

  2. Thank you 🙂 He’ll actually be home tomorrow. I just talked to him and he leaves in a few hours. I’m sad. But I’m ready for him to be in my house again!

    Gotta love home, right?

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