My son is coming home.

Ever want to be two places at once?


Elephants, Chiang Mai, Thailand My love for elephants is endless. Looking forward to seeing these beautiful creatures in November!!!

Bangkok, Thailand it looks very clear but typically there is a constant pollution haze. Locals develop whats called the Bangkok cough its so bad. Loved Bangkok anyway, so much to see and do.

A little over a week ago I sent my son to Thailand.
We knew when we sent him that anything could happen. We are grateful to be able to change his flight and financially able to handle the situation. We wouldn’t have sent him at all if that were not the case.

Instead of staying three weeks, he’s coming home now.

In a country filled with kind amazing people, he happened to connect with the one person whose spirit is hateful and mean and unfortunately this person seems to have the power to control the corner of the world he is in.
This person he was faced with daily was not our friend Reggie.  This person is Thai. She’s a University Instructor.  She’s a person of authority.  It’s truly unbelievable the position she’s put MT and Reggie in and I just can’t leave him there and trust that he’d be okay.  And leaving him there puts Regina in a horrible position.  She’s apparently also been tormented by this person for the last SIX MONTHS.  Miss Regina just thought that having MT there, it wouldn’t happen to them. They’d be on their own more. It would be good for both of them.

So I’m bringing him home. He doesn’t need to be in that darkness anymore.

I feel so out of control.

I want to be there so much.

To just be able to stand up for him.

Best $300 I’ve ever spent.


Do you know what makes me most sad?

That his first International experience had to end this way.

That Thailand,  this beautiful amazing country,  has an ambassador as hateful and mean as this person.

And that this person claims to be a Christian …she is no representative of my God for sure. 
People who claim to be Christian but immediately follow it with hate are missing the message.

Totally missing God’s message.  Maybe you should read it again….just sayin’.

Be kind quotes religious god faith bible forgive kind


I didn’t run today. I expelled my energy in stress. 🙂

But tomorrow Alexander and I are going hiking. And we are pretty excited.

Well, I’m excited. I talked him into it. Ha.


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Hike on Friends.  And enjoy the light around you.

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  1. Thanks sister friend. You know what? I already did. I felt like a list of the included people that love him would remind him.

    1. Love given and appreciated! He is ready to get home now.
      Yes, he may go again. But this experience was not pleasant. It may take awhile to get past it.

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