Run Baby Run…

Good morning!

I’m getting my act in gear. I know you’re all wondering when that’s going to happen.  I’ve had a lot coming at me in the last week and I finally just took a step back and hibernated in my husband’s office, stopped talking to people, started my list making and checking things off.

If  I’m not organized it definitely contributes to my stress.

On yesterday’s post I talked about the things I’m insecure about.

Today I’ll say this.

  • I’m really really organized 95% of the time.
  • I’m very smart.  I’m not rocket scientist smart (you laugh but I really know a rocket scientist, she’s pretty awesome) but I’m common sense smart.  And this gives me a great amount of confidence. I thank my parents.
  • I have good skin!  I know this because whenever I would complain about my crooked fingernails my mother would say, “I’m sorry!  I gave you good skin, whatmoredoyouwant?”  Straight fingernails. That’s what.

*on that note I’ll say my skin broke out this week.  That NEVER happens.  Speaks to my stress level, you think?*

  • I have very little fear.  I have mentioned that before and I’m proud of that.  I’ll tackle anything. I may not be any good at it, but what the hell.
  • My legs are pretty kick ass to take the beating I give them and still keep moving forward and giving me what I ask.
  • And lastly, my body has been through a lot. But it’s still awesome because it is strong. It heals.


Yesterday I got a very painful massage on my legs which were trashed.  Then I took the puppy for a two mile run.  I have to look at my schedule to see what I’m supposed to do today because instead I’m making some little breakfast quiches.

I don’t love to cook but I LOVE fresh vegetables and I love it when everything turns out great.

So a little zucchini, red pepper, shredded chicken, onion (just a tad bit) and some carrots thrown into a muffin tin and quiched.



Let’s say a prayer to the cooking gods that it turns out.  I’ll keep you posted!


I get The Boy tonight.  Nice!

Never ever stop to walk no matter how many curveballs are thrown at you.

Run on…and enjoy those city streets!

4 Replies to “Run Baby Run…”

  1. Wondering if it has eggs, if it is quiche does it have to have eggs? If not, what holds it together? Let me have that receipe if it is good. Love you.

  2. Yep. Eggs. A lot of eggs. It’s supposed to make 12 muffins. It calls for 14 egg whites and 4 eggs. But once you make it you can freeze them and pull them out and microwave the one you want that day. Super popular recipe. I’ll totally give it to you if you want it. So good.

  3. Um, yes, but I don’t think I can eat chicken for breakfast. However, I found some wonderful gluten free muffins at the natural food store. They are nummy so I am having them for breakfast. Maybe I can make the quiches without chicken?

    1. Oh yeah, I added that. And just a little. Nice on the muffins! I was thinking of trying to make some this weekend.

      I’ll shoot you an email on the quiches.

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