The long run that nearly killed me. wash, rinse, repeat.

Sunday we were expecting some serious heat. Like…95*.  Holy hotness Batman.

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So I planned to get up early and get my long run out of the way.

It was my first, so only 7 miles.  Not to make 7 miles seem like nothing. It’s the farthest I’ve run since January I think. But still…it seems like nothing. I have friends who are up to 11 in their marathon training already.

I feel behind.  I always feel behind.

But remember, I’m going for conservative.  I can’t push my training or I’ll end up with an injury and I’m not going for that. It’s not worth it.

I got up at my usual 6am.

I know, you’re thinking…it’s 6am.  Isn’t that early for Sunday?  Not if you’re me and you have to allow time for the Celiac ritual.  We won’t go into the uncomfortable details but suffice it to say, I can’t just get up and run.  I never have been able to do that but now I have an explanation.

so I left the house at 8:15. It was warm.   Only 73*…I knew it would be toasty fast.  The run was supposed to be run at a 12 minute mile.  You’re supposed to run your long run purposely 1.5 to 2 minutes slower than your predicted race pace.

This is actually very difficult to do.

I purposely ran as slow as I could and managed an average of an 11 minute mile.  Ugh.  Not what I was going for.

I’ll try again next week.

By the time I was done, it was 80*. I could’ve sworn it was 90*.  No joke it was SO HOT.

But I came in and spent a good 30 minutes foam rolling and then ate what had to be the healthiest meal ever.


I skyped with Sean.  My sweet husband. I miss his face. That is all.


and finally…to cap off my day…

I got hit with my hardest migraine in I can’t remember how long.

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(you can just expect to see this one again, it’s so freakin’ accurate)

I’m assuming from the heat.

This happens often when I have a long run. I haven’t figured out how to combat this but I think I’m going to up my research into it or it’s going to be a miserable few months.

It started mild…I took my usual half a med.

Half an hour later I took the other half.

An hour later I realized it was critical and I upped my game and took the serious stuff.

An hour after than I was pretty sick and I had to take the anti nausea drug the doctor prescribed and an hour after that…I took the Dilaudid.

I crashed on the couch in the heat and prayed it would stop and thought to myself ~send a note to the doctor thanking her~.

As the routine predicts…I’m up at 3am. Wide awake. I hope I an grab another hour of sleep before work. But if not, at least I got a little.

And at least I got my workout in before it hit.


We are going to have a HOT WEEK.  I hope wherever you are you in air conditioning or the weather is beautiful. Maybe Alaska?

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I saw the Northern Lights once.  Years ago. So beautiful.

I wonder if I have an Alaska readers. 🙁

I’m guessing no.



Run on…and run pain free.

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  1. I did recover. I had a very low grade migraine for the day and I babied it. The meds they gave me were very good. I actually am sending a thank you note. I have a great doctor.

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