Just a day here. But still pretty awesome. Cause…life.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning and I have 5 miles on my schedule.  I got up about a half an hour too late to get out the door this morning.

This is just going to take some…tweaking now isn’t it?

I have to allow time in the mornings and this morning I didn’t.  But I’m still in recovery from my gluten experience so I’m exhausted all the time.  Like…all the time. I could lie down and sleep at the drop of a hat.

Someone please drop a hat cause I could use a nap.

I got up an hour ago and I’m freakin’ exhausted.

So I just have to remain vigilant in my eating and have patience with myself until I start to feel better.


 Yesterday was a rest/cross train day.  I wanted yoga and it seems everyone got to go but me. 

Instead, though, I went car shopping with my boys and let me tell you, it was a scream. We laughed our butts off. Drove all over Denver. Stopped at Good Times where I did not eat. And arrived home at the late hour of 11pm. Sans a new car.

Don’t get excited.  We aren’t buying a “new” car. We looked at a 1982 Jeep CJ7 for MT ( how awesome is that?) and a 1993 Suzuki pickup (I think?).  139,000 miles, crazy. But passed on both.

Contuing the search but still having fun.  We have a tight budget we’re sticking to.  We told MT he’d know when he saw it.

Meanwhile, Alex found HIS dream car and he’s workin’ the trade now.

Did I ever mention the impulse support group he used to be in? Grade school at it’s best. LOL


Adidas ad:

“A run begins the moment you forget you are running.”