How YOU doin’?

I got a quick run in last night.  It was actually early evening but my little town was already active.  ‘

I set out to run five miles and when I barely got to my turnaround I noticed the cops were blocking me by arresting someone.

Well fine.

So I flipped around early and headed back.

aint nobody got time for that animated GIF


Somewhere along the way my left hamstring started to twinge.

By the time I got home it had my attention and this morning…it hurts.

According to Runners World

Pain in the calf, as well as swelling, tenderness and muscle tightness, resulting from sudden overloading of the muscles during speedwork, hill running or running on uneven trails.

The only think I can think of that I did was hill running because you can bet there wasn’t any speedwork and there wasn’t any uneven trails.

I’m icing it, stretching it and I’m going to wear my compression sleeves.

I think the real issue here is my really tight muscles.  Maybe before I head out next time I’ll really really warm up.  Try and loosen up my muscles before I go.  I do foam roll after but warming up with some dynamic stretching is always important.


Nevertheless…I got my run done and it was awesome.

This morning I’m going to 24 hour Fitness to sign up for a personal trainer and to scope the place out for hot guys.

just checking to see who’s actually reading.


This has been my week.

Run on…escaping for a run can be the best thing for a clear mind.

8 Replies to “How YOU doin’?”

  1. YOU my dear already have hot guys in your life. Granted the one you want is only skypeable and the other two are produced by you, but how much hottness do you think you are entitled to?? Lol

  2. hahhahaha. Well now. That little sentence got some attention, didn’t it?

    Ya’ll are smartasses.

  3. Wear your cute compression sleeves and maybe the Hot guys will be scopng you out 😉 Take care of that tight hamstring and enjoy the weekend!

    1. Oh…I’m wearing it. And let me tell you. I look HOT. hahhaa. It’s a great look. MT came down this morning and said, “likin’ your Michael Jackson look”. LOL. Walkin’ around in Jammie shorts and one calf sock. It’s cute.

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