I am itching to run

It always happens when you can’t.  It’s all you think about.

But as suspected…my hamstring, which was tweaking on my run the other day, moved it’s little self down and started yelling at my calf.

I totally called that. Hence the need for the compression sleeve.

I’d be willing to bet money it’s going to shout at my Achilles and guess what?

It’s all connected to my ITband.

::shakes head::

I know. Sounds crazy. But it’s true.

Happens all the time.


So I’m going to stretch again this morning, do a little yoganess.  And ice it.

See how it goes on this day.

It still doesn’t feel great.

I’m trying to just rest it and give it a break but I’m antsy.


Yesterday after work I went shopping with Miss Norma.  She works with me…she is the guru at my work…I aspire to be her.  By the way…I’ve been married longer than she’s been alive.

We spent the a little time walkin’ around Nordstrom Rack (she needed to return shoes) and I needed a new workout shirt. For when I finally get to run again.  I didn’t spend that Christmas bonus. I kept it.

I know, right? I’ve been off running for one day and I’m already depressed.


We had a rough day yesterday. Just kind of hit from every angle.  But just when we reached our ~we’ve absolutely had it…~ moment.

Sean called.

It was just what we needed.

Although the boys said, what the hell? We didn’t talk to him.

A valid point.

But hey…he did call. Then he had to go. Sorry. ha.

Nevertheless…hoping for a much better day today.


Such a great link…I found it on Pinterest and no idea how to do the little Pinterest link.  Nevertheless…If you click it it’ll link you to it’s source, as per my usual.

The Most Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them


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Run on… and if you can’t…wait a day or two.  It’s okay.  It’ll happen.