Don’t underestimate the marathon.

Marathon training is a big deal. 

It involves planning, running, eating, sleeping and even socializing. Or…not.

To do it properly you need to start with

A race:

Research. Find the race that speaks to you. I won’t run a marathon just because it’s there.  Okay,  sometimes I will.  But it’s pretty rare.  Usually…I fall in love first. And then it’s just easy.  I have to run that.

From there I look for

A plan:  

I always look at where I am in my running.  Have I been running a lot?  What’s my base mileage?  In other words…how many miles a week am I putting in.  I never choose a plan that I think will be too much of a challenge just because over confident from years of running.  Whether running 30 years or 1 year.  Making that decision could make or break your success.  I tend to run towards the conservative.

Stepping up your eating plan:

Marathon eating is not like regular eating.  The right combination of carbs and proteins is always important and you want to make sure you know when to eat each. And to just eat in general.

As my running continues, I can see this getting trickier. But I’m a smart little cookie (mmm cookies) so I think I can grasp it. It’s just going to be an ongoing process.

Sleep:  Get your sleep on. Oh man. I’m bad at this. My worries and thoughts and stresses keep me up until all hours. And I’m not much of a sleeper anyway. But the bonus to this little Celiac game?  I totally crash when I need to.  I would love for my sleep issues to not be so rough but I figure it’ll work its way through.

Cross training:

If you get a good plan, and really it’s tough not to, they’ll order you to take rest days and hopefully fit some cross training in there.  There are some really good options for crosstraining. The most popular are:

a. Cycling (this usually leads to a triathlon.  Unless you’re me. ha)

b.  swimming.  ( works all your muscles but doesn’t put that stress on them other sports do, also I can’t stand being wet so…no swimming for me. Hence the no triathlon)

c.  and yoga (runners tend to have very short tight muscles. Yoga stretches them out and reminds us it’s important to stretch.  Yoga is great for runners)

and Finally:

Remember not to overtrain. Take time for you.  Your family. Skipping an OCCASIONAL run is okay. Try and fit your runs in so you can get a little socializing so you aren’t sick to death of those darn shoes. Trust me. It happens.

And if are experiencing some burnout…just rest. Take the days. Cross train.  Go hiking. See a movie. Spend a week just stepping away, guilt free, from the whole experience.

Take care of you.


This is the short version. The really condensed version of preparing properly for a a well trained marathon. There are so many books, blogs and articles out there, you have a plethora of knowledge to choose from.  Choose wisely but I think the key is…continue it through your training. Don’t just get excited at the beginning and then slack off. It should be maintained as much as possible in order for it to go smoothly.

I’m editing this to say:

Choosing not to run the race is not the end of the world.  We hope for success, we pray for success, but know when to close the book.  If it isn’t a great book…move on. Life is short. Open a new book.  Try a different race, a shorter race, no racing at all for awhile.


This poster has 2012 marathons info on it at the bottom but the gist is good! Enjoy. It’s got tons of info.

A Guide to Marathon Running.. For all you runner's


Run on and remember to run for the race YOU want.

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  1. Ha. Yes. The marathon I can do. Can I get through the training with this freakin’ injury?

    Let’s just hope. and maybe throw in a prayer or two.


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