Still plugging away…trying to heal.

I’ve made a concious effort this week to do my foam rolling. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as before!

and I have gone to yoga again, though only once. We’re doing the one car thing and it totally limits me.

But I’ve walked the dog every chance I get and between that and the yoga and the constant foam rolling…

my leg is a smidge better.  Ha.

I got a massage today.  She was incredibly mean to me. I loved every minute.  She’s helping me work out the kinks.  She said she couldn’t believe my leg could possibly be tighter and worse than the last time I saw her, and that’s with me foam rolling and resting.  And yet it is.  Awesome.

So I’ve done the following to heal my leg:


foam roll


compression sleeve


deep tissue massage.

I think the only thing I haven’t successfully done…is have patience.

waiting animated GIF


So I’m going to continue with my strict regimen and hope that maybe I can fit another yoga class in.

And try to add the patience thing. Whatever.  I’ve never had any. But occasionally I’m able to access that part of my brain and make it work. Ha.


Speaking of accessing my brain, whatever I’m doing seems to be working. I have had incredible clarity the last four or five days.  Like…the heavens opened and I could think.

I’m always able to think but my world always has a little … pause in it.  I’m hoping the lack of a pause sticks around.  I love having a mind again.

reaction animated GIF


I finally got my travel arrangements to NYC done.  Good Lord I think I need a second or third job to cover this expense.  But really…it should be pretty amazing.

I do hope I don’t put too much hope into it.  Like people who expect Christmas to be perfect?  Don’t they realize that kids will still fight, there will still be family drama?

So I’m just going to plan plan plan.  And maybe pray, too.  And be grateful for such an amazing opportunity.


Running is quality time with me. Get fit with

Run on…and enjoy some ME time.