Sweet List <3

It’s that day again. I neglected you for too long. But I had a crazy crazy busy day and wanted to wait until the end of it to type the Sweet List.  So much wonderful in one week!

1.  Sean comes home in one month today!

End of Sweet List.

Really,  how can you top that?


2. Slowly healing. Slowly. I realize I’m behind. I realize I have issues. But if I rush this, I’m so screwed. I must take it slow and safe. Prayer is involved. And a lot of it.

ryan gosling animated GIF

3.  My head has been incredibly clear this week. Like something clicked in my world and I can finally think. I hope it lasts.

4. A clean yard. Thankyouverymuch.

5.  A night out with my crazy work friends to celebrate a 21st birthday.  I was definitely the only sober one, always the sober one. 😉  It was pretty awesome.


6.  Last Comic Standing. So. Hilarious.

7.  I organized the storage room at my work and ohmygosh it’s so much better.  It totally relieves my stress to go in the back room and clean like a fiend.  Pretty sure my co workers think I’m nuts but hello…everyone benefits from this.

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8.  Montana and I found him a truck!  And within the budget…Finally. Patience is in fact a virtue.  And I was exhausted from worrying about this.  Also, I missed my car. #teenagedrivers


9.  I got the tattoo I’ve been wanting. Andrea’s son,  Cory, drew me the most amazing piece of art for it.  I finally got a chance, and the nerve, to get it done.  It’s right in the center of my back so oh man it hurt. But I held MT’s hand super tight, did some yoga breathing and sang the ABC song over and over in my head. I’ll be honest. By the end it wasn’t in my head anymore. Oh man it hurt.


artwork by Cory Martinez~it says SAM for Shaughnessy, Alex Michael, Montana. And the S is “squared” to allow for that extra “S” in my world. Sean. 🙂

10.  Sunday morning movies.  Today: Apollo 13

11.  fresh apricots.

12.  MT running all my errands for me again this week. I should just pay him to be my personal assistant. He should advertise himself as a personal assistant.  He gets so much done.

13. Getting projects done. No matter how ADHD I am.  *currently have quilt pieces all over the floor, blog half written, dishwasher half loaded, and laundry in the basket on the way downstairs. All started this morning*


only limit

Run on … it’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Enjoy the run.

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  1. Your tattoo is beautiful! So pretty. Glad you got what you wanted. Also glad to hear Sean will is coming home soon and that you got Montana a vehicle. Lots going on in your world. Love you.

    1. Thanks! I love it. It hurt like the dickens.
      Man, finding MT a vehicle was painful. So glad we got that done.
      Love you, too!

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