*points if you know that movie reference*

All my good intentions disappeared today.  I got up early and enjoyed the quiet space of time that occurs between the time I get up and the time my kids do.  #favorite

It’s weird to call them kids. They are grown. Still.  Kids.  And let me tell you…Alex Michael is definitely a kid at heart.

So I ran boatloads of errands thinking I’d come back and do a run with the puppy and then try the treadmill.

My errands consisted of the store, the post office and … the Sears Appliance Repair store.

So first I called the store to see what their hours were because I know they are kind of odd hours. And instead of hearing “Sears Appliance and Repair” I heard  “Hey Baby” …”this is the Jenny line”. 

how i met your mother animated GIF

Oh yikes.  I think I dialed wrong.

Hmm. Nope.  Not only didn’t I dial wrong but when I told Alex Michael he looked at the phone # and said, “Mom…the number is the song.  867-5309”.

Ugh. I’m an idiot.  As I was actually dialing that I was thinking it was the song but I was too distracted to really pay attention.

So I opted to drive there.

To no avail.  They were closed.  And according to the awesome appliance store next door…they closed about a year ago.


Moving on…I asked them if they had the part I was looking for.

Yikes…$298.  Well, hell.  I bet I can buy a new stove for that.

Sure enough..I went on Craigslist and an hour later I’m driving to pick it up. It’s brand new. Like…seriously brand new, plastic still on it brand new, for way less than the price of the part I needed.  How awesome is that?

Pictures looked great.  In person, at night with the mood lighting…it’s beautiful.

In the light of day…it’s white.  I know. Genius, right?

jimmy fallon animated GIF

Holy bad decisions Batman.  Now what do I do?

I have a house that’s totally made up of soft hues…and all my appliances are bisque (cream).

So now I’m replacing all of them.  Yep.  Craigslist is my friend. It needed to be done anyway.  In a perfect world I would choose something more style advanced like stainless but as I already screwed that one up…here we go.

On the bright side I love that I have four working burners and a brand new stove!  It’s SO pretty and wow the prices of these things are super cheap because EVERYONE is switching out for stainless. Crazy.


Doctor appt went great and hopefully I feel better soon.


The result of all this?

I ran out of time.

I know, right? Super long story to get to the point. But hey…that sucker was entertaining. I mean, I now know the number to call to get a good time.

Tomorrow…running. Stretching. Foam rolling.

Run on…one little step at a time.


4 Replies to ““976-Babe””

  1. Haha! When this song came out I practiced for days to be able to do my fingers with the numbers right on cue with the song. I just tried it and I’m a little rusty but with some practice today I WILL be able to keep time with the music again. Happy Craig lists shopping!

  2. So I am clearly out of the loop and have no idea about the “song”. But, glad you got in touch with “Jenny”, hehe.

    1. It’s an incredibly popular song from the ’80’s. I bet if you heard it you’d recognize it. 🙂

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