So…I ran. Yep. That happened.

I lost track of how long it’s been but I got a 4 mile (pain free!) run in yesterday.

It was awesome.

My time wasn’t even that bad!  I averaged a 10:30 minute mile.  For me and my injury, that’s pretty speedy right there.

I was SO careful, I made sure to not go very fast and fully intended to simply stop and walk at the first indication of pain but it never happened!


We had family in town and that was cool.  The boy played and played to his hearts content!  I love to see kids playing the laughing cracks me UP.


This morning I’m having a yoga session with my computer and then heading to work.

Thyroid doctor appt today. I’m super interested in blood test results.

Also, I haven’t talked to her since my Celiac diagnosis so I’m interested in her reaction.


It’s Alex Michael’s birthday!  I love birthdays. Especially my kids.


This picture is a year old at least. But it’s still a favorite because hello…look how cute they are?


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Run on…at whatever speed you can but it’s still running.  Just do it.

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