Disappointment :(

I headed out this morning for a slow and careful five mile run.  I skipped yesterday wanting to rest my leg.  Two and half miles in…my leg pulled.

I walked home.

I’m trying pretty hard to not get stressed about this but I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be so I’m not sure what the problem is. But I’m going to keep doing it and hope it eventually works.


Yesterday was AM’s birthday.  We had a quiet day at home with just the family.  It was a nice night. But busy.



He got a present from a friend…it lets him listen to music and talk on the phone while on his motorcycle. So he hooked it up to see how it worked and…well…the phone rang.

This is Alex standing in the kitchen on the phone.




Also, he realized his keys were still in the helmet when he did this. I wonder how comfortable that was?  LOL


My darling co worker just brought me a package of the mini unwrapped Starburst. Oh my gosh.

They are amazing.

And addictive.

And delicious.

I love her.  She has my heart.

I am an easy sell.

Now my stomach hurts. Apparently the package was “share size”. Whatever.


running quotes to motivate

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. ~Les Brown