Sweet List <3

Sweet List!  It was a beautiful day.  Heart-ballons Clip Art

1.  Brunch with all the kids. Pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. Life is better with breakfast.

Rose Flower Clip Art

2.  the farm!  I went to Nick’s Garden Center in Aurora and picked up hay bales!  Shut up they are so cute.

3.  Mexican food.  I’m hungry right now.

4.  Running.  Very low amounts to ease my poor leg away from the pain. But still running.

Flower 34 Clip Art

5.  James Lawn Care. No website. No FB page. Just two guys (father and son) who passed out fliers and I happened upon one of the fliers. They.are.awesome.

6.  Emailing with Sean.  Skyping is good, but I just like being able to throw out conversations to him whenever. Three weeks.

7.  Shaughnessy and her amazing life transformation.  Good Lord she is awesome.  Always has been.

8.  My friend added me to a  site on FB that’s a “virtual yard sale”.  It’s a combination of crazy admins and awesome deals both for selling and for buying.

Fiore Clip Art

9.  Grapes.  Red.  Sweet and delicious.

10.  I got a new phone.  That’s all.

11.  I see my sports doctor today.  I always feel better. 🙂

Funnyflower Clip Art

12.  Going to work at noon.

13.  Today is my virtual 5k with NPS Vacation Races.  I love this company and if I could run all of their races,  I would.

Run on and remember all your opportunities out there.

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