I’m gettin’ there. Slowly.

It’s getting cooler here.  The weather is so amazing.  It’s perfect for running.  And someday soon I hope to be doing that in the great outdoors.

Right now I’m sticking to treadmill to keep  myself healing.  At least, I hope I’m healing.

This morning I got right up and did some yoga.  I had an appt with my sports doc and he tortured me.

Then I came home and I ran four painfree miles on the treadmill.  Shutthefrontdoor that actually happened.

Tonight I walked the dog for two miles.

I’m moving my ass off but hoping I don’t screw it up at the same time.

black and white animated GIF


My head is unhappy with me so I’m keeping this short.


 Run on and lose your mind with the love of it.

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  1. Thanks Tess 🙂 It feels much better tonight but of course, the real test is the morning. Hope yours are doing okay.

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