I ate a bug.

it wasn’t good.

I had a super busy day so when I got home…I opted to just take the dog for a walk.

MT’s truck is in the shop for some fix up and he had to be across town today so I had to rent a car to get to work.

yes, that’s right. I spent more on the car today than I made. LOL

That’s a depressing thought.

sad animated GIF

But since life isn’t fair, I’ve moved on.


I heard from a friend tonight.  If only briefly it was good to hear from her.  I might have to put that on my next Sweet list.


Malachi and I headed out for a little walk that I attempted to run.  I went super slow and walked maybe a quarter of it.  Somewhere along the trail I ate a bug.  Flew right into my mouth.

I attempted to dodge said critter by throwing my head to the left nearly causing a wicked whiplash injury but to no avail. Said bug flew straight in…finding a demise for himself he certainly wasn’t expecting as he was just out for a jaunt along the marshlands.

You know how people always say, “it’s protein!”

yeah…it’s a bug.  Felt like a bug, tasted like a bug. It was a bug.

reactiongifs animated GIF

If that sucker had protein I’d be shocked. It was pretty small.



I contacted a trainer tonight. Alex thinks he’s a hack so now I’m skeptical.  I’m going to look a little more tomorrow and maybe find someone else.  I usually trust myself pretty well but Alex Michael is just not going for it.


It’s not that I have to only go with someone Alex approves of because that’s not the case. But he does know this particular fitness genre so I assume he’s going to have good instincts.

I’ll sleep on it.


Run on.  Because it makes sense.

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