So…the garage door fell.

I know. This has nothing to do with running. But that sums up my day yesterday.

Holy loud noises Batman.

batman animated GIF

So this morning I spent the first two hours calling the following:

1. the garage door company.  Two companies, multiple calls, no answer. Conspiracy?  I think so.

2.  Insurance company.

3.  Roofing company

4.  Direct TV (I know you’re jealous). That one was an AWESOME phone call that took nearly a half an hour.

Fun little note:  They will occasionally put interesting things on their bill you MIGHT want…and you have to tell them you DON’T want it by a certain date or they charge you.

Case in point: The NFL channel for $39.99 a month. No joke.  That’s insane.  Well, she says, you had it last year. Um. no. I didn’t.  You’ve found the one thing I’m 100% positive I did not.  Oh…the next representative tells me, last year we gave it to you for free.  but since it was on there last year, it automatically gets added this year unless you call us.

This is a joke, right?  Right?


5.  Pest control guy. Again. Good thing I love him.

And now I’m out of my workout time.  Sonofagun.

I’ll go to the gym later after work.  It’s not my favorite, especially on these days when I go in late. It’s so nice to get my workout done in the morning.

Run on …with no excuses. 

4 Replies to “So…the garage door fell.”

  1. Get out! I had no idea about DirecTV?… That’s so annoying, great there’s another thing to do.

    Hope your head is feeling better.

  2. you know, my head is iffy. I had one pretty clear day but the rest of the time I’ve had some kick butt pain. I’m just drugging my way through it. Thanks!

    And hello! Can you BELIEVE that about DirectTV? I was shocked. That was the deciding factor.

  3. I knew that with Directv. I remember calling and canceling like the day Of the Super Bowl so I wouldn’t forget. They were shocked. On a better note….our two year contract just ended with them so I called to see if I could sign a new contract and they said “sure, one year contract with a 35 dollar discount” ummmm…..yes please! I was willing to cancel cable if they couldn’t keep me at the same price we were at. Made Cody’s year!

    1. That’s super unfriendly. It was pretty much the last straw. When Sean gets home we’re ditching it for Comcast again. They both suck but I’m pretty sure Comcast is the lesser of all evils.

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