Recovery is painful.

This morning I got ready for work in a totally crazy way.  Exactly the same as every other day.  But when I got to work my boss asked if I was wearing make up today.

Um yes.

As I do every day (note to self, maybe better makeup?  Makeup tutorial? Get a better mirror?)

Then one of my regular customers comes in and says, “you changed your hair!”

*sigh*  I see a trend here.

Nope. Same hair. Same face. Same mole.

Whats a girl got to do to be ignored around here?

the breakfast club animated GIF

I have GOT to learn the hair flip.

OR…I have to get longer hair. That would help.


I did a quick run with the dog this morning and after that my brain stopped working and so did my body.  So incredibly tired.  I have a ton of things to do and I just need to catch up after being down for a few days.

I could totally do without the migraine hangover.

hangover animated GIF

Mine isn’t tequila but I imagine the result is very similar.


Check it out…I got a bill from Direct TV!  It included a past due amount of $39.99, and added the $39.99 onto the new bill AND a $5 late fee!

30 rock animated GIF

Yep.  I had to call them back.

frustrated animated GIF

The very talented agent (I’m being generous) I got heard my story and then repeated it right back to me. I think she thought she’d fixed the problem by just explaining what they did.

Nope.  Try again.

So she looked at it again and they credited the two months worth and I said, “now, what about the $5 late fee?”

Yes, she explains.  That would be because you didn’t pay the $39.99 so you owe a late fee.

Um. no. Think about that.

She disappears and comes back and says she’s “waived that fee for you”.

I said, “thank you for taking that unwarranted fee off my account”.

smile animated GIF

Waived my ass. (it’s the little things)


Run on… it’s not over yet.

6 Replies to “Recovery is painful.”

  1. Hahahaha. Your story about Direct TV is soooo typical of people in those jobs. They are not paid to think!

    1. Oh it is so frustrating. When I figured out I’d have to call them back I just cringed. 🙁 I did it really fast, like ripping off a bandaid to lessen the pain. LOL

  2. You should have asked for the $5 credit for mental anguish!! That would have been another 15min. hold!! HA! I do hope your migraine is over and done for now. That one was a tough one. UGH!!!

    1. Thanks Tess! Yep. I’m better and man, I need more than $5 for that mental anguish. Cable companies and cell phone companies. SO. painful.

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