I am so close…

to feeling strong and normal.

What is normal?  I think the old normal was me grabbing my shoes and heading out for a run.

My new normal? 

1. dynamic stretches before I run.

2. run

3. stretch/yoga stretch

4. foam roll

5. ice

In that order…

Will I have to do this forever?  Maybe not. But I’ll have to do most of it in order to run healthy.


Eight miles today and it went amazing.  Being the natural skeptic that I am, I am still not declaring myself “cured” and ready to face the running world. But I’ve had several great runs and that’s huge progress to me.

Tonight I took a route that has given me so much trouble I have been known to, many times, ditch it and turn around and come home.  Between the hills and the weeds I’m a complete mess.

Tonight was a huge difference. I haven’t run this route since my Celiac Diagnosis.  Now that I’ve been eating gluten free for nearly five months, I have noticed some little differences.  I mentioned that a few days ago on one of my posts.  But I’ve really noticed it in my daily runs.  I have so much more energy and I no longer have to stop on the hills, breathe, start again and stop at the top.  I killed the worst hills I can encounter and didn’t have any problems doing it.

I totally credit yoga and gluten free.

transparent animated GIF


Here’s my splits for the run. My goal for long runs is to slow it down at least a minute and hopefully more.

I was able to slow it down by about 30-45 seconds.

Clearly I suck at this. BUT…

check out how pretty consistent I was.  Yep. That’s cool.


This was a good strong run and I feel really awesome.

that is all.

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Have a beautiful day.  Be strong in your faith, whatever you believe.  Give yourself a few minutes of quality time and clear your mind of anything that can pollute it.

Continue to be a strong happy you.

i-came-to-a-point-where-i-needed-solitude-and-just-stop-the-machine-jack-kerouacRun on.