This post borders on inappropriate~

So first let me tell you my Target story.

I’m at Target talking and walking. I’m talking to my friend who is adopting twins, they are about to be two in November. She’s laughing (as they scream and holler and cause general ruckus in the background) and says they are in the bathtub (they’re still young enough) and her little girl is thinking her little boys um…business…is a piece of well..for lack of a better word….poop.  So she’s pulling on it to try and get it out.  Ha.

My friend says, “Don’t pull on his penis. Leave his penis alone”. As she laughs. 

I’m walking and looking down at my list as I repeat her lauging and say, “right?  Don’t pull on the penis.  Leave the penis alone!”…as I exit the aisle. 

Head comes up so I can navigate and there in front of me, sitting in one of their display chairs, is a totally TOTALLY hot guy.  He’s pretty fascinated by what I just said and smiles at me like…yah. You got busted.  I’m sure he’s also thinking…not everybody is on board with that advice. haha. 

I just smiled and kept on talking but hey…note to self.  Look around before you’re talking about private body parts. Just sayin’.

ryan gosling animated GIF


Did you ever notice running capris, when you gain a few pounds, quickly become compression capris?  LOL.  That just wasn’t a fun day let me tell you.


Yesterday I did two miles on the elliptical and did some leg strength training that wore out my poor legs.

Today I started the day with some serious yoga stretches for about 20 minutes and then ran 4.5 miles.  (yay me!).  It was a rough 4.5 miles because of the strength and the yoga.  My legs were heavy.

It’s done though and I’m pretty excited about that.


Run on.

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