Some days apparently life is a challenge…to simply function.

I have so much to do and I can’t seem to write my name without getting it wrong. That is talent right there.

I was closing with a co-worker and since I knew a pain-in-the-butt task had to be done the next morning and I had a few seconds…I did it for her.

She said, “oh, Teresa. That’s so sweet!  I wouldn’t do that for you!”

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I had no idea what to say to that.

I tend to be helpful bordering on annoying.  Sometimes not even bordering.



My plan is to run six miles today but since I got about 4 1/2 minutes of sleep last night I may be crawling instead. Good preparation for the marathon I think, eh?

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Also…fall/winter has arrived and it is COLD here.   Seriously…what happened to summer? It was here yesterday.

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I worked at my other branch on Wedndesday and our bank president is very chatty.  He’s the nicest man ever but once he gets started…oh man. I’m getting ready to clock out and leave when he comes to my desk and asks if I have a minute.

Yes. But only one.

NO really. Just one.

Watching the clock, Dude. Don’t get too settled.

Sure enough…an HOUR AND A HALF LATER…

really I like him a lot. But I’ve learned two very valuable lessons:

1.  Don’t make it a conversation. Any input you have leads him on another path. Stay mute. Nod accordingly.

2.  Let someone know where you’re going.  Safety is the number one rule here so if you tell someone where you’re going they can send an emergency “get her out of his office” phone call in about fifteen minutes.

Nicest man ever. I’m so lucky to be in a job with good people.  But precautions must be taken or my part time job becomes full time!


Run with your heart and your feet will follow, our favourite quote, read more about in this blog post!

Run on. And take care of you!

4 Replies to “Some days apparently life is a challenge…to simply function.”

  1. Well I guess that co-worker will find herself doing that pain-in-the-butt task on her own, all alone, every time now!!! The nerve of her!!! What ever happened to “Thank you so much for doing that. You’ve saved me from a tedious task tomorrow. My day will start off on the right foot tomorrow!” Enjoy your weekend!!!!

    1. You know, I’d probably still do the damn thing. Because it’s in my nature. But I will admit I was taken aback by that one. Who says that??
      I wonder if she has ever heard of “pay it forward”. ha.

  2. Unbelievable! But maybe she just meant to express her surprise that someone would be that helpful by indicating that she wouldn’t have thought to do that for someone. Oh well…just a thought. Hope you were on the clock when your boss was talking to you, hehe.

    1. Ha! I was totally on the clock. He just missed me clocking out.

      I don’t know about the boss. Some people are not the most generous in spirit.

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