This guy.

I have my husband back. Life can resume.


Standing there with him was like finally being able to take a deep breath.  It was so right to have him with me.  While he was gone I just moved forward.  Forward motion.  Drive to work. Chat with people. Clean the house.  Get things done.

Now I can actually feel and breathe again.

When I have a migraine the light, the sound, everything hurts. Everything. Sometimes after working just hanging around the house, someone will turn off a radio or a light and it’s like…oh my gosh.  I had no idea how much that was affecting my head and causing pain. But the relief is so so great.

That’s what it felt like. Just going through the motions.


After settling in for a few minutes, we headed into the backyard to try and coax Malachi from under the deck. He came out, but it took a few minutes before he accepted it could really be Sean.  He’s been a happy puppy all day.

I’ve been kind of absent the last week or two.  It all started with a new duvet.

Lord help me when I buy something like that.  I am off on a project. Ours was just tired and needed a refresh.  Well I bought it but the color just didn’t want to work like I thought it would.  So…

I bought new carpet.

Yes, I know.  Overkill. But ours was BAD.  It was long overdue. …after 17 years it was beyond time for new carpet.  That took a good week to get figured out.  But if you’re getting new carpet, you should paint.

So paint I did.  At that point, it was clear the zen bedroom I have been reaching for the last year was finally coming together.  Before, it didn’t want to click in my head. But that darn duvet just tied it all in together.

So we were painting and moving every single thing we own out of the rooms and into the livingroom and garage.  We practically moved.  It was insane and

But oh my gosh so worth it.  I can cross it off the list of ~things that must be done to the house thankyouLord~.

And I’m glad Sean didn’t have to be here for it. It was so disrupting. He could just come home and it was done.

Here are some photos, but really…it doesn’t do it justice.  The room turned out so beautiful.  I got a ton of stuff on sale or clearanced which is awesome. Side note: Why can’t bedding be reasonably priced?

You can’t really see the colors unfortunately.  We keep the bedroom very dark.  It helps Sean sleep and my migraines dictate one room that I can go to for pure darkness. So the blinds are blackout shades.  The walls are a dark green on three walls and the fourth by the windows is a taupe/grey.  The carpeting throughout the house is a grey/beige color so it goes with anything.  the duvet is a dark grey.

On the walls behind the bed are “winter trees” of vinyl. That turned out SO cool.
In the corner is a handmade rocking chair that’s come through my family. And the desk the television is on is a library desk.  I bought it at a little antique store years ago. I love that desk.



I love this room so much. It turned out exactly what I wanted.  I’m going to add a few more touches but clean and crisp is the goal.


So on my last note:  I woke up with the worst most awful migraine ever.

I’m going to contact my doctor about trying Botox.  Botox is used more and more often for migraines.

How Botox Is Used to Treat Migraines

Botox to treat chronic migraines is given at intervals of about 12 weeks as multiple injections around the head and neck to try to dull future headache symptoms, the FDA says in a statement.

The FDA says it’s important that patients who suffer chronic migraines discuss with their doctors whether Botox is appropriate for them.

Allergan Inc., the maker of  Botox, says in a statement that the FDA’s approval applies to people with chronic migraine, which it defines as a “distinct and severe neurological disorder characterized by patients who have a history of migraine and suffer from headaches on 15 or more days per month with headaches lasting four hours a day or longer.”

The company says that when treating chronic migraine, qualified medical specialists administer 31 Botox injections into seven specific head and neck sites.

It says that Botox, when injected at labeled doses in recommended areas, is expected to produce results lasting up to three months depending on the individual patient.  ~source

I need to make sure my insurance covers the majority of it before I venture in. But I’m definitely researching. These last two migraines totally floored me. And today of all days.


Run on…

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  1. The room looks beautiful and sounds beautiful. I know you will love it. A new room is always fun. Getting your husband back is the most exciting part, of course.

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