Getting stronger…

So the cold kicked my butt yesterday.  I was beat tired.

Eliot visited us for the evening and I didn’t have the energy to post or anything.

Today though, I’m a new person.

I coasted the morning away just sitting in the house enjoying having everyone home and then Alex and I went to the gym where he proceeded to kick my butt in strength training. Holy smokes.

I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’ll ever love it but I definitely need it.

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If you replace “diamonds” with cookies..I’m in.

Also, pretty sure I will be SO SORE tomorrow.  LOL.  Totally worth it.


I went on to elliptical two miles and run three.  I count that as five miles. 


Tomorrow morning Shaughnessy is doing another sprint tri and Sean and I are going to volunteer and enjoy the race.

She’s awesome for doing this and it’s clear she’s been bit by the racing bug.

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Run on…


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2 Responses to Getting stronger…

  1. Tess

    Have fun!!! I love volunteering for races. It keeps up my motivation for running and it’s so rewarding!!!