Sweet List! <3

1.  Sean is home. That is all.


2.  theboy got a haircut. And I mean…cuteness overload.  I have no photographic evidence. the little dude is too fast for me.

3. I ran AND strength trained last week (with Alex’s help) and I am going to do it this week as weather permits.

workout animated GIF

My goal is to not have this experience when I do pushups.  Hope springs eternal.

4.  Finished my beautiful bedroom.  🙂

girl code animated GIF

5.  It’s cool and rainy. I LOVE cool and rainy.

love animated GIF


6.  Today is the last day of summer.  I’m not looking forward to winter but I LOVE fall.

autumn animated GIF

fall animated GIF

animation animated GIF

7.  Waking up to the cool morning air and putting on my beloved  sweatshirt. #comfort

8.  Not needing meds in the morning.

happy birthday animated GIF

9.  That ache leftover from a good workout or a hard run.  Ten mile long run finished yesterday.  Go me.

comedy animated GIF

10.  Pumpkin. Anything pumpkin.

List of super awesome paleo pumpkin EVERYTHING.

11.  Messaged my doctor and he is all in for me to look at Botox for migraine control.  I’m definitely approaching with caution but still looking forward to new options.

samantha jones love it gif

12.  My landscaping guys are so awesome.  This weekend they fixed my sprinklers (thankyouthankyou) and they’re like ninjas.  They sneak in, do the work and sneak out.

bionic ninja ninjas gif

13.  Volunteering at Shaughnessy’s second sprint tri.  I was near the finish line directing the runners onto the course and through the finish.   Watching these people running at all speeds was so fun and exciting. I cheered for three hours.  Fabulous.


fall animated GIF

I leave you with that.

And of course…

Run on…

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  1. Yep. I also love the fall, perhaps because I was a fall baby. It is my favorite but never lasts very long here.

    1. It’s just a lovely time of year! Of course..as soon as I typed that the weather person said “80’s all week”.

      So wrong. LOL

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