Things are looking up…

But we’re not going to jinx it, now are we? Anything can happen so I’m a “take it one day…one step…at a time” girl.

Yesterday (late last night) I ran five miles on my treadmill…finishing at midnight:30.  So I suppose that’s today but we aren’t going there.

Today I went to the gym and did 4.30 miles of running hills on the treadmill.

Yeah, I know. It’s an uneven number. But the gym guy must have had big Friday night plans because he shut the place down at quarter till.

Can I just pause here to say running hills…not my favorite.

My plan was this:

1 Set: 90 seconds @ 6 percent grade and marathon pace
1-minute recovery @ flat jog
1 minute @ 7 percent grade and marathon pace
2-minute recovery @ flat jog


It says to do 6-10 sets.  I think I did 8 but I might have done 7.5.  Whatever I did, it worked out to 4.30 miles.  Here’s the thing…I start to get confused about where I am in the plan.  I have to stop and gasp and frankly, that takes time.  It’s not easy being a weakass runner.  I totally have to factor in more time to collapse.

funny animated GIF


I got most of it done. I was aiming for ten but that’s because I read it as “do ten sets”.  I totally blocked out the “6-10”. That would have been helpful and I wouldn’t have felt like such a quitter for not finishing.

I am really looking forward to next week though, when I get to go back and do it again.



Alex Michael and I were supposed to go to the gym and do our strength training workout but instead he got smarter.

He’s decided to get certified for personal training.  He’s a natural at it and it would be handy to maybe bring in some money while he goes to school.  Studying and getting certified while he’s here is just the smarter way to do it.

Well, he got his text book and figured out he has me going the wrong direction. So he’s studying up tonight and we’re headed out tomorrow to do a new plan.

Pretty sure it involved pushups.

sad animated GIF

Pretty sure I’m not thrilled about that.

watching animated GIF

Pretty sure there’s nothing I can do about it.  He’s very fierce.

scrubs animated GIF

That’s okay. I got this.  Even if it’s hard, it just makes me stronger, right?

yeah, I keep telling myself that.

Tune in tomorrow for the gym update.  Or watch the news for this headline.

“Woman dies at gym of freak push up accident”




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4 Replies to “Things are looking up…”

    1. I know! I agree. He’ll be so good at it. He previously didn’t want to because the market is so saturated. (Everyone’s a photographer, right? Everyone’s a personal trainer now) but I really think he’d do a great job.

    1. LOL. Agreed. He’s totally studying like a fiend and learning so much. It’s really smart of him. A great transition job for his school.

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