I ran last night…and my legs wanted to die a slow miserable death.

I was a little slow.  LOL

Why…you ask?

Because by the end of yesterday my legs felt like I ran a marathon. And I KNOW what that feels like.

I hopped onto the treadmill and ran a quick four miles to shake out my legs.  You would feel better but no…it still hurt. ha.  That was a serious workout.

Alex and I decided we’d skip the gym for me today and tomorrow is my long run so Monday is the next visit.

I don’t want to wait that long between visits but I think if I attempted deadlifts right now my legs would cave right out under me.

Seriously. That might happen.


Sean and I are off to Red Rocks. We haven’t been there in years and felt the need to get out of the house today on this beautiful Colorado day.

I have a small headache that appears to be growing pretty quickly but I’m hoping to catch it before it grows ugly.  It’s such a fantastic day…I don’t want to waste it curled up in a dark room.


I’ll post pictures later for sure. It’s just too amazing not to.

Have a great day~

Colorado - Colorado Springs

Yeah…I live here. Be jealous.

Pikes Peak in the Autumn. Love Colorado Springs area. Had dear friends that lived there and visiting was one of my favorite things to do. Now they live just down the street. Not nearly as scenic :-)

Run on…