awesomeness that was my weekend.

On Saturday we went to Red Rocks.

If you know anything about Denver, you know Red Rocks.

It’s so beautiful and has amazing trails for walking and climbing.

IMG_20141004_145317    IMG_20141004_151332IMG_20141004_150906   IMG_20141004_145719

It’s not really possible to capture it but a girl can try.

In case you’re looking at those stairs and thinking…hmm…didn’t she say her legs were trashed?

Yes. Yes I did.  Stop harassing me. Geez.

There weren’t THAT many stairs.  ::nowthere’sabitofalie::


After that we met a guy about a horse. bicycle.

It was  a good meeting and now my husband has a “new” bike.  He’s pretty excited about it.  Bike riding is one of his great loves.

After me of course.


This morning I was up bright and early to go meet Shaughnessy for a long run. She had eight miles to do and I had 15.

I’ll be honest…my legs hurt.

food animated GIF

And I’m sure the climbs at Red Rocks didn’t help but really it wasn’t very far.  I felt since Thursday how much ache and pain there was.  It’s very very strange…I never have those issues.

So I started out and let me tell you…the first two blocks I knew I was in trouble.  But I powered through….stopping every four miles to grab some water and gummy bears.  Shaughnessy had mapped out a four mile route for us.

By the third lap I pretty much hated the park we run through. It’s so SO hilly.

I only had 15 on the table so I cut the obnoxious hills out of the run and went straight across.  Leaving me at 15.5 rather than a 16 mile run.  I shouldn’t go that far anyway, trying to keep the mileage at a reasonable level so my legs cooperate.

This was  an incredibly hard long run.  I hurt.  And I hurt at the end of it. So I kissed my little grandson, kissed my daughter and headed home for an ice bath.

frustrated animated GIF

Sweet relief, let me tell you.

Advil, ice bath, foam roll and a shower. Much happier…

I actually ended up taking a killer nap and drugging up to prevent a migraine.

how i met your mother animated GIF

Running/long runs….they kill me.

And yet I continue to do them.

I got home and met up with Sean who had just had a good long bike ride on his new bike and we decided a movie was in order.

Walk among the Tombstones.     It was good. Can’t go wrong with Liam Neeson and for a “violent” movie, it  could totally have been a LOT worse.


Miss Michelle did her twenty miles today and on the treadmill no less.  Pretty kickass right there.

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Run on…

2 Replies to “awesomeness that was my weekend.”

  1. I read gummy bears and gagged a little :). Try the honey stinger gummies! I checked….they’re gluten free and a little better for you than a gummy bear,

    1. I LOVE fueling with gummies. They are delicious. They are my go-to. Most of my running friends work with Swedish Fish but I can’t stand those (I know, a candy I don’t like, go figure). I did do the Honey Stinger waffle things in my pre-gluten-hates-me days and I did like those but I’ve always worked well with gummies. Plus, my stomach seems a little cheerier than yours….should we talk about the cake after the half marathon? LOL NOT a pretty experience. Poor girl.
      I’ll look up the honey stinger gummies…if it has “gummy” in it’s name it can’t be bad, right?

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