The gym is not for HUGGING!

Lesson learned.  LOL

Alex Michael and I were laughing our butts off and I said something he grimaced over I think and I instinctively did what I always do… I said “ohh.  I LOFF you” and leaned in for a half hug.

That was not happening.   He immediately set me straight and said there was no hugging in the gym.  The gym is not for hugging!

I feel so much smarter now.  I am totally gym friendly.

Man, it’s tough to keep all these gym rules straight.  Good form, hips down, relaxed stance, no hugging.

jennifer lawrence animated GIF

My arms want to fall of now.



This was my run this morning. 

I’m awesome.

Now let me stress…I was on a major street so I stopped at stoplights for sure. This was not a stopfree run.  But it was

still me pushing to get it done.

Snoopy dance for sure.

snoopy happy dance photo: Snoopy Dance dancing20snoopy.gif


Run on…

3 Replies to “The gym is not for HUGGING!”

  1. Uh…cause it’s a gym. Where guys go to be guys. And girls go to work their asses off. It’s not for cute. 🙂

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