One Sweet List. <3

I’m feelin’ like a list. 

I always feel like making a list so this is nothing new.

1. Strength training at the gym with Alex Michael. Hugless…but good. 🙂

tom hanks animated GIF

2. Sports doc is awesome and my leg pain/hip pain is nearly gone.  I almost feel like I shouldn’t keep going but why jinx it?  I only have about three weeks!

3Alex cleaned my garage.  I clean my garage a lot but it’s been a mess since we got new carpet and man…it was bad.  I sometimes really like that boy.

cleaning animated GIF

4. Movie with the man.  Gone Girl was VERY good.  Heads up…a tad bit gruesome at one part but a serious mystery for sure. 20th Century Fox animated GIF

5. Lost photos of Jackie and John Kennedy’s wedding were found.  If I could have one ounce of that woman’s grace…

       The negatives were discovered in the photographer’s darkroom after his death, and will be sold with prints.

Photo credits: 1st photo I cannot find the proper credit. Anyone please?   2nd photo:  Arthur C. Borges/RR Auction

Note the little girl…that would be me.  She can taste that cake already. Hurry up and cut it!

6.  Listening to a good book on my Ipod.  I love the feeling of not wanting to stop the Ipod because you’re so caught up in the story.  Today…I bought three more. #readerproblems 

book animated GIF

7Fall boots.  Fluffy sweaters. Skinny jeans.  Pretty scarves.  I am in love with this weather.

Jean Jackets Beyond 8th Grade... Blake Lively       skinnies blazer big scarf. #fashion #beautiful #pretty Please follow / repin my pinterest. Also visit my blog     cute fall fashion ideas | STREET STYLE: FALL FASHION photo Ashlee Holmes' photos - Buzznet

8.  Cheeseburgers. I’ve been craving one all week.  Must have soon. I think there’s a recipe for gluten free hamburger buns and it’s probably time to start attempting baking gluten free.

fail animated GIF

9The Flipbelt.  I got mine in the mail and am giving a second run with it to see how much I like it.  Maybe Baby.

10.  It’s time to start marathon planning and New York planning. It’s getting real out there.

new york animated GIF

new york animated GIF

11.  Baby shower shoppingI mean cuteness overload.


::gratuitous photo of theboy when he was still so very tiny::

12.  Spur of the moment half marathon in the morning with Miss Shaughnessy.  I’ve never added mileage after a race before but I have to have more miles.  Prayers to the running gods.

13.  Malachi and his successful surgery…. the cost of several small cars.  Vet receptionist said…”well one, anyway”.  I said, “Hey, I’m from Montana…we could get three small cars for that price…”.  Pretty sure she thought I was whack.  But we know the truth.  #Montanarules

drifting animated GIF

Truthfully, I always wanted a tractor.  I swear we could buy real actual cars and not tractors. We aren’t THAT redneck. #stilllooksfun


Run on…

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  1. All good stuff on “the list” this time. I’m so excited that things are rockin’ along for you!! Take care.

  2. The moving pictures are a scream, especially the garage cleaning. You sound good today, hope you are feeling good.

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