It’s all about balance.

Life is so easily swayed one direction or another in waves, it’s important to remember to keep things in balance.  A mental checklist to remind yourself life is all about the good AND the bad and if we didn’t have the bad would we recognize how good the good really is?

Some days…the bad can feel pretty ugly.

It was a rough day today.

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I’ve never actually had a mid life crisis but there’s a really good chance I’m smack in one now.  Except for that mid life thing.  Someone close to me pointed out there’s no way to know if I’m midlife.  What if I live to be a hundred?  Then I’m not there yet.

We just don’t know.

Feels like a crisis though.

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I know I want more than marathons.  And I want more than going to the same place every day and trying my best and coming home feeling … less than.

So I’ll keep searching for the meaning of life my life and I’ll let you know if I find any secrets that might be worth sharing. 🙂

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My kids are pretty awesome so I hung out with them, and Alex and I went to the gym for “leg day”. *side note* Sean is always awesome…just sayin’.

Alex Michael promised to take it easier on me today so I can walk tomorrow.  It felt so good to work out today.

I came home and drank my protein shake like the good little strength trainer that I am.

He is BOSSY.  That boy was ordering me around. I think he’s taking this “personal trainer” business straight to heart. He’s pretty good at it.

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The things they expect of us.  So rude. 


Not meaning to be a sad panda today…just contemplating the meaning of life. No biggie.

Shakespeare. Wise words.

Run on, Friends. Honor your gifts.

And if anyone sees mine, could you Fedex it?  ~When you absolutely positively have to have it overnight~

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