Don’t leave me…I’m just going for a run.

So…I am taking a very VERY short hiatus from my little partner in crime, my diary of late.  My blog.

I’ve found the very common issue people have of wanting to voice their true selves in their words and the people that read them and interpret them their own way tends to limit what I feel like I can comfortably say.

If I have a bad day or a painfilled day I think people just read this as all negative all the time or they imagine me curled up in the fetal position barely able to move or breathe.

I’m a super healthy incredibly strong 47 year old who gets chronic migraines and has Celiac disease which on it’s best day offers a wide variety of joy to choose from. The most common of which is chronic diarrhea. Let’s put it right out there.

But I’ve been dealing with this for years.  Years.  So I’m kinda used to it.  Some days are worse than others, this still means I’m used to it.

Some days I’m going to have a horrible kick me in the ass knock me down migraine. More often these days because we made a medication change.  I’m still here.  I’m still going to work every day. I’m still running and training for the NYCM and I’m still not cooking for my family.

Okay, I do every couple of days. But I have the worst family to cook for so I don’t feel too bad about it.

The gist is, I’m normal. But whatever issue I do have that day does affect how my day goes and what I do with it.  Writing about it, though, seems to offer conflict.  I find myself constantly rewriting something or editing so what I say doesn’t sound so bad to someone who may be reading it.  Though to be perfectly honest I really want to say I have a kick me in the ass migraine.  I want to say that!  I want to have it validated by saying it “out loud”.

I’m still okay!  People are up and dealing with cancer for God’s sake.  I think a migraine is probably not going to kill me.  People have serious chronic pain-every-minute diseases and I am so fortunate that what I have is manageable.

But I still get down sometimes. For normal ~very normal everybody has them~ reasons. I have a lot going on and my mind is busy.  I don’t want to bring my pretty little blog to sad world by posting about my daily worries.  Though they are small and unimportant, they affect me.

Because of this I’m going to step back for a week or two. Or until I get a wild hair and come back and that might be earlier. Ha.  You know me. I have my own mind about this.

Thanks for being awesome and I’ll see you soon 🙂

Meanwhile…some of my favorites.



good vibes

Run on and see you soon 🙂


4 Replies to “Don’t leave me…I’m just going for a run.”

  1. I will so much miss your life updates. I read about 5 blogs and yours is the only one I stop what im doing and read when it comes through. It may not sound right when I say this but your blog seems to be like most of the others that I read, in that they talk about their lives. The ups and downs, one I read just divulged that she had suffered crippling anxiety and depression after having suffered from a stalking situation.
    If your life was all sunshine and lollipops it wouldnt be interesting. I love you and your blog. So I hope you come back soon.

    1. I love you Baby. And yep. I’ll be back and it won’t be long. I just need to get my head out of this place. I think it freaks people out when you aren’t always happy. But I agree, all sunshine and lollipops would not be interesting.

      Do you HAVE any lollipops? I actually do find that interesting. 🙂

  2. You are right…there are other people in this world with bigger problems than you are experiencing BUT! when a person (you or anyone) is going through something, in that horrible moment or minute or hour or day, IT IS TOUGH! You shouldn’t diminish the fact that situations you go through are taxing emotionally and physically. I love the way you use your humor to brighten up the situation and pull through with grit. Best wishes on your journey Friend!!

    1. Thanks Tess~ I agree. It does seem overwhelming at the time for sure. Mostly I recognize my own inner freakout and I know I need to just calm thyself and take a different path. I half expect to pop back in three days from now. 🙂 Short journey… LOL

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