Here we go.

One more nights sleep, massive chaos, thousands of people on the run, millions watching.

This is an event, People.  An Event.

I have my clothes (please let me have chosen well, I pray to the running gods), my gadgets, my snacks, and my wits.

Damn…may have left those behind.

But!  I am willing to forgo wits to have a great time.

There’s an 80 year old woman running it.  I’m thinking I should be embarrassed if I can’t do it and this rockstar of a woman can.

I can’t wait to talk about it tomorrow.  Good, bad or ugly.  Tomorrow Michelle and I are gettin’ it done.


Today, this was our day.

It was all about resting…


How fabulous is this Barber Shop?  We passed it on the way to the Expo (no photos of that but the walk was SO INTERESTING)  I missed my dad today.


The New York Public Library.  The Main Rose room was temporarily closed and so we had to console ourselves with the breathtaking architecture.



I felt a little like I was in Harry Potter’s world. 


After all that resting ::sarcasm:: we headed back to the hotel to have a few minutes of sitting and then…we headed back out to the BEST restaurant with burgers, fries and strawberry shakes (beer for Andrea) and it was GLUTEN FREE> Yes that’s right folks.  I had a great dinner at Schnipper’s and Quality Kitchen in Times Square.

Now we’re back and I’m actually going to bed because HELLO.  Morning comes quick.

Not too quick…don’t forget daylight savings!

Run on…today is a great day for 26.2