I was born to travel.

But for the absence of my husband, I am having an amazing AMAZING time.

God has blessed my life so much and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.  I can’t stress that enough.


The airport was easy.

The cabbie was nice…though possibly slightly lost.

And the hotel is SO COOL>  We’re on the 14th FLOOR!  The hotel room is incredibly small but totally modern.  It’s like a long hallway and it’s as wide as an extra big king size bed.  No extraneous anything.  The window, which takes up an entire side of the bed is one end of the room.  Pillows on another side.  Wall facing the pillows is the television and the last side is facing the rest of the room which has a shower and toilet and that’s it.  Vanity is basic. No closed closet, just shelves.  The bedding…oh man I could die it’s so squishy and comfy.  No dresser, just  a giant “underdrawer”.  Plug ins everywhere for your electronics and OH! The shower light changes colors!  So it’s this foggy glass and you can twirl the rainbow light to make it any color you want.

Where do you twirl it?  On the Samsung tablet of course. It controls the lights all over the room, the television, the blinds and the curtains.

I have died and gone to heaven.

Meanwhile, here are some teasers.

Empire State Building
New York’s finest in Time’s Square
self explanatoryBroadway and Sixth Ave
Times Square
One of the many many buildings lit up with fun

IMG_20141031_234545  IMG_20141031_231947  IMG_20141101_014051 IMG_20141101_020413 IMG_20141031_231820 

Tomorrow morning we go to the expo and check out all the running fun!  The weather has definitely not improved for Sunday.  Cold with bitter awful winds.  Not everything can be awesome I guess, right?  Ha.  I think the trade off might be worth it. It’s so amazing being here.  There is no time to take all the photos we want to take.

Remembering my last travel experience, I’m hoping this posts okay.

I can’t wait to update you guys with everything we see and do.  Thanks for checking in!


Michelle and her husband stayed at a hotel closer to the airport for tonight so I haven’t even seen her!

Hopefully tomorrow.  SO MUCH FUN>


I can’t get my motivation to work (so many jokes) but the motivated thought is there.  Be strong and amazing.  And keep going…one foot in front of the other.

Run on

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