The leftovers of NYC~pre-race

So yep. We ran the marathon on Sunday. But before that we had a little time to check out the city.

First things first…we stayed at a hotel called the CitizenM.

This place is amazing.  We loved every detail of this modern hotel.

  • great reviews on TravelAdvisor
  • HUGE beds~so comfortable and big enough that Andrea and I slept together without touching each other.  I know how disappointed she was by this but I have my one true love. 😉
  • Everything controlled by a Samsung tablet…lights, entertainment, heating/air conditioning
  • free wifi AND movies
  • spotlessly clean
  • Great price
  • Right on Times Square but quiet!
  • we were on the 14th floor which Shaughnessy reminded me, must be the 13th floor due to the superstition!  Now I want to call the hotel and clarify because that would be cool.  #Imanerd
  • books/bookshelves all over the lobby with big couches to hang out on.
  • The bar/cafe open 24 hours.

We just loved it. It was a great place and I really can’t wait to go back.

The first night we walked around Times Square and gawked at the lights, costumes (it was October 31st), and general awesomeness of the city. We walked and walked and walked.



These photos don’t do the city justice.  It was lights cameras action the whole night.  People everywhere. Cars everywhere.  General chaos.

It was awesome.

The next day was the expo.  I don’t have any pictures to show you but be reassured, there were thousands of people, A Target size building full of running merchandise geared towards ~holy smokes it’s going to be cold ass outside we need something different to wear~ gear and lines lines lines for paying and for bibs.

After the expo we headed to the New York City Public Library.  I know you’ve seen a few photos already and I’ll try to limit it. But it’s SO BEAUTIFUL.

This is the entrance way…the doors lead to 5th Avenue.

It was like a museum in there. It took my breath away.
Miss Andrea reads every.single.thing everywhere she goes.  Now, I’m a reader but this chick, man. She reads everything.

Busted…reading the fine print.

We ended the day at Grand Central Terminal where we shopped,  walked around and generally sighed at the deliciousness of this whole experience.

Off to dinner and back to the hotel.

The next day we run…
Michelle and I, that is. Andrea had plans at the Met.  LOL


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Run on…moving forward.