We’re listing today. Ten things I’ve never done…

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Not that way.  The other way.

I’m going to spend the week listing…anyone else a listing maniac?  I ~as we speak~ have three notebooks going with two pages of lists. Totally normal.

Today’s list…

Ten things I’ve never ever done. 

  • I’ve never seen Titanic.  Or Frozen.  Or the Simpsons.

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Keep waiting, Dude.  The GIF alone was too disturbing. Moving on now…

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  • I’ve never gone skiing or snowboarding.  And yes, I live in Colorado.


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and that is why. 

  • I’ve never vacuumed a lego…as far as I know.  I actually cannot make myself do it no matter how many thousands of legos there are lying around my house.  I will step on them though…unintentionally of course.

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  • I’ve never tasted beer.

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and that is why. yuck.

  • I’ve never smoked pot.

Shut up. You knew that about me already. But now I’m in COLORADO and I’ve never smoked pot. Ha. Got you there.

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The Breakfast Club. Raise your hand if you knew that.

  • I’ve never played a video game.

Hmm….I did dabble in PacMan when I was a kid but only begrudgingly.  Does that count?

  • I’ve never used the restroom in front of someone else.  To be honest (and we’re being honest here) I lock the door, too.  Everytime. In an empty house even.

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  •  I’ve never said the “F” word and don’t love to hear it.

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Not interested.  Not even in the slightest.

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  • I never graduated from college.

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Run on. Be brave in your change.

4 Replies to “We’re listing today. Ten things I’ve never done…”

  1. Hmmm…well I was with you on the Simpsons, Titanic and Frozen but I have tasted beer and, well, I actually really like beer. I no longer drink it but I did like it.
    Anyway, you get the list thing absolutely from your Grandma Fern. She made lists for everything. You are a lot like her, all good things, of course.

  2. I attempted to watch Frozen yesterday but fell asleep. Good intentions and all.
    I can’t tolerate the smell of beer nevermind the migraine I would get.
    I never knew that about Grandma Fern. How funny…

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for popping in. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t skied or gone snowboarding. I’m actually born and raised in Montana so I’m with you on being native to a certain degree. I’m native to the Rocky Mountains. And man, I just don’t want to do it.

      I had to laugh at the smoking pot comment…. these days (especially in Colorado) to find someone who hasn’t!

      I try to never say the word “never” (except for that way 😉 ) but I have no desire to smoke. Crazy, I know. Especially with my migraines. Just can’t be bothered. I’ve heard it’s a good time though 🙂

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