I am average.


Middle of the road.




I have always known this.  It’s not a newsflash to me.   Don’t we all wish we were better than average?

       1. I’m a bank teller. Though I usually joke I’m “in banking”.   I lost count at the number of friends who have commented they also were bank tellers…when they were in college.

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       2. I never finished college and now that I’m older the pull to finish waffles between ~must finish now!~ and ~it’s going to be so much work…do I really need it?~

yep. I know college is overrated. The people that say that have degrees. Just sayin’.

       3.  I run.  Nobody else does THAT.

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     4.  I run marathons. Like…every other person who runs.  In 2013 there were  583,502 marathon finishers.



     5.  I write a blog.  I KNOW.  That’s a total new one.  😉


Hmm. Where was I going with this?

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Oh yeah.

I read so many blogs written by twenty-somethings and as much as I love them,  there never seems to be a blog written by a forty something who is just an average runner.  Guess that’s me.  Seriously it would be awesome to read about a dedicated strong runner who is not exceptional. She doesn’t run  7 and 8 minute miles.   Just normal miles.  Is that normal? Maybe I need to up my game. Maybe I’m below average. Yikes. That’s not a pleasant thought.  

So here I am. Representing the Average People.  ::maybe?::

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I should rename the blog.

The Average Runner. 

Check this out.  This is how I roll.  I did a search and there are a few blogs out there titling their average runner status.

The Average Woman’s Running Blog

Tales from an Average Runner

Then there’s this one:

It’s kind of hilarious.

Romance for Athletes

I have to admit..I was laughing.  So yeah…I might read it again. It provided some mild entertainment. 

Diary of an Average Runner

And here is a perfect example of how the bar for average seems to have definitely been moved up.  This girl, who ran an ultra, was in a marathon and someone offered to pace her.  She was stressing to them that an 8:30 average was a little fast for her to hold a conversation WHILE she ran.  It would be enough for her to run that for FOUR HOURS>  

I would be dead at mile 1.  pfft. 8:30 mile. That’s insane.

Starting to think I’m not average.

Now I’m depressed.

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I love Charlie Brown…

Here’s my thought.  (one of them? So many I am convoluted today)

Be strong. Be your own runner.  Be your own athlete.

We hear this all the time but it’s said for a reason.

Try to remember you are good enough. You are strong enough. You are capable and frankly you are setting a good example. Keep up the good work.

And if you get a wild hair, write about it.

Not average, awesome!

love it

Run on…it’s a good day for a run.  Unless you’re in Buffalo. 🙁 (good thoughts for everyone there)