It’s my face.


OH man.  I hear this all the time.  ALL THE TIME>

My co worker asked why I was mad…in a fierce whisper because she thought someone had ticked me off.  Uh…no.  I’m just filing stuff. I didn’t know I had to be “on” while I was filing.  ::confused::

Yesterday another co worker said, “Teresa is all ways irritated about somethin'”.

I have no idea what he was talking about.

But in all fairness he curses like a sailor and I throw paper clips at him every time he says a sexist comment.  That COULD be what he’s talking about. 😉


Going for a run this morning. I have a billion errands to run and we have a birthday dinner at my cute daughters house so this is a busy day.

Oh…did I mention that yesterday strange men came to my house and asked me “what color you want your gutters? same color?”

Um. Who are you?

Apparently they are the roofers and the roofing guy forgot to call and say, “Hey Teresa!  We’re gonna do your roof on Thursday!”

So. yeah. THAT was unexpected.


My shoes come today.  I am trying not to get excited 🙂

How’d I do?

I had to return the extremely bright pink ones (I was so SO disappointed, I know you can read that in my “voice”) because they screwed with my leg pretty bad in a little two mile treadmill run.  My achilles still haven’t recovered. Ridiculous.

But I went back to Brooks Adrenaline’s and GUESS WHAT?? Yep.

They only had them in extremely bright pink. LOL


Apparently the universe wants me to have bright shoes.

Wish they were orange. I really like orange.

The sacrifices we make…


Off to Runner’s World What to Wear feature to figure out the best option for my run this morning. It’s 33*.

I have to switch up some of their suggestions because Denver is not your average town.  At a mile high we’re warmer than your average destination. But it’s still pretty handy. 🙂


Check out this fun playlist…perfect for the holidays.

Holiday Running Playlist.jpg



Don't let the weather keep you from getting your sweat on!  @espnW

This is a new kind of motivation. It’s called bossy. LOL

Run on… and enjoy the crisp cool air.