Snowy run.

I threw out a quick (that’s relative, right?) four miles tonight.  It was really just an easy run that anyone else would blow off as no big deal but as I ran it I took a secret thrill in it.  The hills were so easy for me. And it was a very easy run. I didn’t push it at all.  The result?


That mile “3”?  I pushed the wrong button on my Garmin.  No clue what happened there.  So there weren’t five miles, just four. Ignore mile “3”.  🙂

It was about 30*, felt like 20* and snowing. So quiet and serene.  My perfect favorite run.


Today I cleaned the yard.  Yes..I cleaned up after the roofers. We’re trying VERY hard to like this roofing company but they are so very busy since the hailstorms they rushed in, threw the roof up and rushed out.  In the process there are nails all over my yard and my landscaping has definitely been disrupted.

We’re so not happy.

frustrated animated GIF

I couldn’t leave all those nails out there where Malachi and Skosh roam.  I cleaned as much as I could.


and finally…

A Knight’s Tale with MT and …almost Sean. He fell asleep and we sent him to bed.

Probably our 150th showing of this movie. My love for William (Heath Ledger) and Prince Edward (James Purefoy), it grows each time I watch the movie.


And that tingle at the back of your neck that runs down your spine to remind you that you're the only thing alive out there!

Run on…even if it’s cold.  Enjoy the run.