So…Happy Thanksgiving?

Yeah. Even I know it’s too late for that.

But I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL day!  

We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because MT had to work tonight and Shaughnessy and Adam spent most of the day at his mom’s house.  So we have opted to celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday when everyone can be available and it can really REALLY be a family gathering. It’s nice to have everyone together after five years.

And also so we can run to the store for the butter we forgot and not feel guilty. Ha.

I don’t like shopping on Thanksgiving. I’m one of THOSE people.  😉


But I started the morning with a run at Miss Shaughnessy’s house.  There is nothing better than running on a holiday. I think we did about 4.5 miles and we have no record of it because she’s related to me. She paused her watch and forgot to restart it.

I didn’t wear mine because my brain stopped working two days ago with day one of this freaking migraine.

Oh…yeah…that’s the reason for no post this morning.

Love this:
29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand~Buzzfeed

29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand

I can’t relate to all of it but the following…oh man so true.

#8, #14, #16, #17, #21, #22, #23, #24 and #28 pretty much are me. Very much. 

I felt better yesterday but it came back last night pretty bad.  It plagued me all day, progressively getting worse.

I hung out at Shaughnessy’s house for awhile while she made theboy chocolate chip pancakes. Jealous.

And he entertained me by being beautiful.


He just woke up and came to sit by me.


The devious little smile…



Have you met Darth Vader?

Shaughnessy, too.  And all she did was make pancakes 😉



Not bad for ten minutes after a morning run!  I do not ever look that cute after a run.  


More drugs at home, then  fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy for our makeshift Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone chipped in to help. It was SO fun.

Montana headed to work while Sean and Alex enjoyed apple pie.

I reached my limit and took Dilaudid and went to bed. My doctor gave me a VERY limited scrip for this to keep me from the emergency room and I hoard it, locked up, like nobody’s business.

Sean and I spent the afternoon watching My Cousin Vinny and sleeping.
I slept. He watched.  I got to see the best parts and then…back to sleep.


I have a girl crush on Marissa Tomei.

I’m headed to bed now and tomorrow is a whole new fresh day.

But coming out of it and feeling like you can conquer anything now that you've conquered that!

For anyone who has ever been sick but not really sure what…a laugh for you.


<3 Norman Rockwell - Cousin Reginald Catches the Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!  Love you all.  

Run on…

OH!  And for my mom…


those dark circles…yikes.  

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  1. Oh, you are so cute. Sooo sorry you had a bad migraine on thanksgiving. It was fun to visit with you. Shaughnessy looks amazing and that little boy is precious. Tell him Grandma Dot loves him.

  2. It was good to talk to you, too! I hope your day went really well. And I hope you sat back and let everyone else clean.
    I’d bet money you didn’t.
    I will tell theboy GrDot loves him FOR SURE> He knows though. 🙂

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