I know. I disappeared again.

Last week I dropped my phone.

I know I already told you that but Sean called to get it replaced and it was $150.

That’s right.


Did I mention I pay for phone insurance?

I’m not sure why.

What a frustrating experience.

And yes…I am giving up the fight and getting a phone case. No reason to put the financial “burden” on my family because it’s not convenient for me.

But I don’t have to like it.


Sean (i.e. my IT guy) set up my phone for me. He’s figured out by now I have zero patience with it so it just won’t get done until I need it.

but this way at least I know it got done right. 🙂


I didn’t shop on Black Friday…I had to work.

Anyone else?

Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving and it was pretty freakin’ awesome, let me tell you.

I mean, I’m still tired.  But it was great.



Cornbread for dressing (with jalapenos….so good)




Little tiny pumpkin pies!  I could die they are so cute. 


Meltdown boy was calmed down with drawing.  

A one legged man “so he can hop around” and his one legged friend ~”they’re holding hands”.



He’s a prodigy.  Oh and the bright yellow circle?  He had his mom draw that. It’s the sun. 


Last minute stop at Target and I found these…

No…I do NOT specifically go to the candy aisle every time. (lies. all lies)


Yes. That’s right Folks. Caramel covered marshmallows.

It’s official. I’ve found the perfect food.

From Hammond’s Candies …you can also find them here


Gotta run…


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  1. Oh good grief, I thought you were having Thanksgiving on Sunday so I didn’t call you. Sooo sorry we keep missing each other. I love you and hope to catch up to you soon.

    1. I still love you! We’re getting closer… 🙂 I swear I’ll keep calling until I get you! LOL

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