Every year I streak. Sort of.

The first year I tried a running streak I made it from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve I think.

Then I got a migraine that just couldn’t deal with it.

I tried again the next year, twice.

Both times I think I made it four days or something pathetic like that.

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I’ve learned over time the painful lesson that as soon as I commit to something it’s going to be a giant fail early on.

But I have faith this year. I’m feeling pretty good!

I’ve had some really kick ass migraines in the last week but I’m hoping I’m past the worst for awhile.

So today I start the streak!

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Hopefully I don’t have any issues with it.  My achilles are so painful right now  I’m having to do some crazy rehab every day.


I’m going to the gym this morning. Wish me luck. Ha.

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I found this to be profound for me this morning.

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I’m very careful with who I let in my life…but if someone manages to slip into my world I have to remember this.  


Gotta run…

4 Replies to “Every year I streak. Sort of.”

  1. Day 8!! That’s so awesome. That’s a ~hey I might pull this off~ kind of number. I figure if I get past 4 I’m already making progress! LOL

    What day did you start?

  2. Started streaking on November 24. This is my excuse to get back into shape and get my running mojo back.

    54 degree run today, but I was spent at 2 miles. Yesterday, I ran 3.47 miles.

    1. It was a BEAUTIFUL day today. A great day for a run. You are doing awesome. It’s SO hard to start again. You just have to make yourself get out there and you are! Nice job.

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