By the dawn’s early light…

The crowd in Hartford, Connecticut gathered for their early Thanksgiving Manchester Road Race…11,000 of them.  Halfway through the National Anthem and …the PA system goes out.  No worries, they’ve got it covered.


This made me ridiculously happy.

Little known fact ~ha! right~ I’m ridiculously patriotic.


My achilles are feeling SO much better today.

Happiness = calf raises.

Do them.  They work.


I made it to the gym. Can I get a ~nice job~?

high five animated GIF

Today was Leg Day. 

I did:


leg extension

leg curls


and now I’m tired.  Oh man my legs have no feeling left in them.

I’m going to hop on the treadmill and throw out a few miles and be done.

It’s a day for sure.



Strength training is important.


run from the bills just run motivation thumb June Goals and Running Motivation


Gotta Run…


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4 Responses to By the dawn’s early light…

  1. Dot Reichert

    I am astonished that all those people actually knew the national Anthem! It was great. Nice job on the legs, by the way.

  2. tess conley

    thanks 🙂

    Can you believe it? It was so awesome.

  3. Dot Reichert

    Brings tears to your eyes.