It’s the holidays and that makes me freakishly happy

Even though I have NO TIME.

No time.

Just sayin’.


Can I tell you…let’s have an honest talk. Can we keep this…you know…between us? I don’t want to be judged. HA so too late for that.

I cannot get on board the ugly sweater Christmas train.

Wow. I cannot stand those ugly sweaters.

I have NOT got a FUN bone in my body.

Except that I love to travel EVERYWHERE>especially on three hours notice.

I think cupcakes/cakes/cookies and sugar in general should be a food group…for breakfast.

I love the idea of pie at 3am

Or going to breakfast at midnight.

And oh my gosh could I please have a Harry Potter marathon every three months? I never ever tire of it.

I could go on but I don’t want to overwhelm you with my fantasticness. *itsaword*

fun animated GIF

Yes please.


Speaking of Yes PleaseI am highly recommending this book. Amy Poehler. Good Lord she’s funny.  I am listening to it on audio and let me tell you it’s the best way to “read” the book. It’s hilarious. She’s actually the one reading it along with numerous celebrities that join her for cameo appearances.

Also, I want to buy it in print because I want to underline half of it.

amy poehler animated GIF

amy poehler animated GIF



I went to the dentist the other day and it’s official.

I’m old.  I know you’re all thinking ~hey just now figured that out?~

pretty little liars animated GIF

Shutup. I live in denial.

snl animated GIF

I had to have X-Rays and they didn’t ask if I could be pregnant.

What’s sad is that I noticed right away. I don’t usually care about my age being an issue but my red flag flew right away on that one.

It’s okay, I’m not really freaked out.  I’m fully aware of my age.

I always assume that it’s  like every single place of business asking for your ID to drink.

I am not flattered.  I do not think I’m a supermodel. And I know I don’t look twenty-one.  Your friends inevitably have to cheer because you were carded!  You look SO HOT.

No.  Sorry. No.

The business is saving their ass and carding everyone under 80 years old so you COULD be flattered that you don’t look 80.

Or you could be realistic.

Why ask if you look fat in something?  Surely you know.  I do.  I am fully aware if something is not…right on me.


And here you have a post that is neither of what I promised earlier. So helpful, right?

I’m working on it! You guys are demanding. Sheesh.


some motivation for you…

Yes, thank you.


Gotta run…

2 Replies to “It’s the holidays and that makes me freakishly happy”

  1. OH MY GOSH! I was just talking about how I refuse to to do ugly sweaters, I need a HP marathon and I’m ready for my next travel adventure. And I have no time at this time of the year. You can keep the cupcakes though. Ha ha. And for the record you are aging very well, you just keep getting better looking. I have to up my game if I want to keep hanging out with you just so I don’t look bad. And that’s the truth. 🙂

  2. I’ll eat your share of the cupcakes! Just send them my way.

    And thanks for that Missy…but you know you’re my hot friend. 🙂

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