Still streaking. I know, it’s only been five days.




I realize it’s only been five days (technically four, this is the fifth today). But hey…that’s progress people!

I’m SO glad I got  my run in yesterday morning…

~See?  Miracles DO happen~

disney animated GIF

I put 4.5 miles in but I was tired. Mostly because I got off the treadmill at 1AM so running again first thing was a bit much for me. I came home last night (I got home late because I was in a meeting) and ended up crashing super early. Okay…10PM is early for me.  It felt deliriously happy to get that much sleep.



way slower than last time I ran in the streets…


My left Achilles is really pretty angry at me. It’s definitely swollen and sore.  It feels much better than it did after my run yesterday so I think some babying will be in order. I’m going to do what I do best…



calf raises!!

and no heels….

Takin’ care of me Baby


I think we should have  a conversation about food coming into the holidays.  I’ll try and tackle that tomorrow.


I’ll do a Sweet List.  I totally may do that.

But for sure the food thing after.  We’ll see we’ll see…


Gotta run!