Told you. Why don’t you believe me?

I absolutely didn’t ditch you.  I’ve just been off my game.

I came home from work and went to bed. Yep. 6pm I went to bed.  I got up an hour later but I was still not…on the ball so to speak. As long as we’re going with “game” metaphors.

I came downstairs and opened a tin of gluten free cookies a friend sent.

She had already told me they were gluten free so I was pretty happy to have a cookie after a kind of off day, right?

There is joy in comfort food.

I took a big bite (little cookies, mostly just ate the cookie. Picture those mini cupcakes ~yum~) and as I did this my sons in unison because exclaiming:

no animated GIF


And I said smugly “they’re gluten free”.

mom animated GIF

And MT said, “they’re chocolate chip!”

smart animated GIF


Genius. I spit it out.

Think my numbers are off? referencing my hypothyroidism here…we’re all so busy thinking about Celiac we forgot the other issue). I only do really really dumb stuff when my numbers are whack. That was a classic.


I already had a headache and I hit my head last night good and hard assisting with the “head hurting” thing.

I’m on a roll, People.

movie animated GIF

I’m going to go to bed now and attempt to not hurt myself.

Say a prayer.


And in case you’re wondering, yep.  I did break my streak. But it’s amazing how when you don’t feel great you don’t really mind the off day.  It is a bummer but I still run and I still get quality working out time, I’m just resting my weary little head.

tomorrow I should be better. Drugs tonight. Sleep.

My awesome boss warned me at the beginning of this week it would be busy. She was not kidding.


I have a few more Christmas presents to pick up…

Re: most of them…

And I think I’ll be doing that on the weekend or online. Thank the Lord for online shopping.

Do you think He has anything to do with that? Hmmm.

internet animated GIF



Wishful thinking..,


Yes please.

Gotta run…