My day was successful. I didn’t work out.

I know I know. That’s just conflicting information. For me a successful day is getting out the door.

But I took the day off from work yesterday …

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And prepared for the upcoming holidays.

I didn’t have to have the day off so it was bonus time.  I got my nails done (in my world that’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. My poor nails), lunched with this guy>>>



…. and shopped for last minute things that need to be mailed.

Then last night I stayed up incredibly late wrapping EVERYTHING and boxing things up to mail.


Today I will stop and pick a few last minute things up and I will be done with all extended family.

LOL…did you think I was done with everyone?

Silly you.


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but I’m way way way closer and now I don’t have to stress.

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I always get it done and it usually requires a marathon day like yesterday to finish.

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I’m heading out to the gym right now to elliptical. Maybe stair a little bit and then lift if I can do the time.

Because today I have to take care of me. Tonight…I’ll stress some more. But only low key.

ferris buellers day off animated GIF

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, Ferris. Life wouldn’t be the same without Bueller, his day off, and his words of wisdom.  

I do have a pretty wicked migraine today but I’m hoping drugs will knock that sucker right out.


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Gotta run…

6 Replies to “My day was successful. I didn’t work out.”

    1. Last year I did all my shopping on Amazon Prime, this year everybody wants such strange stuff I have to wing it. 🙁 But I LOVE Amazon Prime!

      I do wish an elf would wrap my presents though. Damn that would be handy.

    1. Yeah…it’s short-lived. I can’t tell you how bad my head hurts. I’m throwing supper together and going to bed.

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