While you were sleeping…

Christmas SNUCK UP ON YOU.

Yep. It’s here.  It’s a mere six days away. Six days. Do you know what that means?

It means you probably can’t get anything shipped…unless you prime it.

And don’t we love Amazon prime?

Though I have to admit I feel SO bad for Amazon employees. I figure they are all looking like this right now:

This Revolving-Door Adventure


Today I’m going to say I’m thankful. I know, it’s Friday, Whatever.

I’m SO thankful we have a new roof and gutters.

Truth be told it’s the gutters. Ours were so bad and have been leaking (even though they’ve been replaced) for at least a year or two.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about someone slipping on my porch from the ice!

cute animated GIF


It’s Friday. My last day of my week at my office across town and I’m so bummed. I’ve had such a good time.

I mean, I’m exhausted…

tired animated GIF


But it’s so fun and I am loving my work crew. And I’m learning so much…

smart animated GIF


I know…I used this one before. But I like it so much! Expect to see it again…

I look SO awesome with these dark circles under my eyes I’ve come up with the perfect disguise.


ha! I just kissed my husband goodbye and told him to have a good week. Genius.


I’m going to the gym tonight come hell or HIGH WATER.

That actually could happen but I hope I make it to the gym.

Wildman Mud Run. We have downhills, bogs, ponds & rivers. Register now http://www.wildcorewildman.com/ #mudrun

Gotta run…



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