Merry Christmas Eve! OR…Happy birthday to theboy :) take your pick.

So it’s officially December 24th now. It’s my grandson’s 4th birthday.

How perfect is that little child?


His mother will disagree.

He is difficult, argumentative and particularly whiney on occasion.

But he’s smart SO smart…funny and seriously cute.

I’ll forgive the difficult.


***we interrupt this regularly scheduled programming to say MT just busted me eating Hot Tamales and marshmallows at 1am.

He doesn’t actually realize that.  I hurriedly threw it in the trash to avoid the bust.  I don’t know why.  The child has seen me eat this many many other times in his life.  Now he probably thinks there’s a dead body under the sink or something.  Randomness…***


I finished my shopping TONIGHT>

My girlfriend just posted today about the moment that she realizes she overbought.

I overbuy every.single.year.

Fortunately, I keep all my receipts so I can just return what I don’t use.

OR…I could keep it for next year. Hm…

But yes, I always think I need more stocking stuffers.

Good Lord there’s enough stocking stuffers now for twelve stockings.

I only have five to fill  ::shakeshead::

supernatural animated GIF


I think it’s important to take care of yourselves this holiday so DO THAT.  Run/walk/elliptical/swim/bike or yoga.

Whatever you do that makes you better. You should do it.

And have a beautiful BEAUTIFUL Christmas Eve.




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    1. Thank you Friend!! Merry Christmas to YOU. And travel safe because I think you are traveling…eventually…

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